Learn German via Skype

Nina Buschmann in Dirndl full body

Whether you are a complete beginner or already use German at an advanced level, together we can work on improving your language skills in a manner and time frame that suit you perfectly.

You will discover that learning online (with or without a camera) is just like a personal face to face class, with the added benefit of complete freedom of content, time and location.

Using the Camera

About 90% of all communication is non-verbal, therefore being able to see the speaker’s body language and facial expressions helps you a lot to understand. However, should you feel shy or introverted or simply want to focus on authentic on-the-phone-situations, you can always turn off your camera. An option you don’t have in a real classroom situation!

Skills and Goals

If you already have prior knowledge of German, I can ensure that you keep your level and really enjoy speaking in your target language. You decide what skills you would like to focus on: speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, grammar, or a combination of all.

Should you have more ambitious goals or need to prove your current language level, I can help you prepare in our lessons for any test you may have to take, be it a general grammar exam, one of the “Goethe Zertifikate”, a placement test, an oral examination or a job interview.

When you learn German via Skype all correction and explanations can be done in real time by using the chat box.

All materials and files I will share with you via the free services of Google Docs or Dropbox. I can also upload files during the lesson, so there is no more waiting for photocopies.