Learn English via Skype

The most effective and personal way possible!

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Whether you are a complete beginner, or already use English at a professional level, together we can get the most out of your online English lessons. We will focus on your oral and written language skills in a way that is best for you.

How does learning English via Skype work?

You have a native speaker at your side who has a lot of experience teaching English and learning languages.

Learning via Skype is of course great for speaking and listening but also works really well to focus on grammar and written English.

The Chat-Box

I use the chat to write down all notes, errors, vocabulary, examples, etc. allowing you to focus only on the language. The chat history will not be deleted from your Skype account and you can always go back over the notes.

Some students choose to write their own vocabulary lists, others just read through notes again and again. You decide, everything is and stays there for you.


Should we need extra material, I will create a private shared folder for us. You are free to download the materials, work on them, print them and of course also upload any work you have done. Dropbox notifies you when new files have been added.

The days of searching through emails and attachments or wondering whether you really sent them are a thing of the past.

The Camera

You will discover that learning online (with or without a camera) is just like a personal face to face class. Only better, as you have the added benefit of having complete freedom over content, time and location.

If you choose to use your webcam, you will also be able to see my facial expression, lips and hand gestures. This helps you a lot to understand even better.

Should you prefer not to activate your camera, it will be like having a real phone conversation with the extra challenge of only relying on your ears/listening skills to understand.


Your Goals

Should you have more ambitious goals or need to prove your current language level, I can help you prepare in our lessons for any test you may have to take: A general grammar exam, one of the advanced IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge Exams, a placement test, or any kind of oral examination or (job) interview.

Of course you can also focus on Business English, working on your email and presentation skills, building up your vocabulary. We can practice telephone conversations and role plays.

If you are a beginner, we will of course start with the basic vocabulary and grammar. I will encourage you to speak and feel confident using English. To learn English via Skype will be the perfect way for you to start and continue speaking English!

Ready to Book?

Or just want to get some more information?

If you’re ready to start speaking and improving your English via Skype or would just like to get in touch please do so via the contact form or directly via the booking form. Of course you can also send me an email. I look forward to helping you!